GI Joe 30th Anniversary Skystriker, custom Robotech VF-1J Veritech Cobrastickers. RayD workshop decals, black paint, panel lining and weather markers

After the success of my Jolly Rogers Skystriker homage, I acquired a second Skystriker. As a kid, my first F-14 Tomcat poster was of the F-14A in VF-1 "Wolfpack" squadron colors, and I wanted to create an homage to the Wolfpack.

The difficulty was that Cobrastickers does not have a custom set of Wolfpack stickers, and I had no idea where to acquire a set of Wolfpack modelling decals that would be the right size for the Skystriker. My original thought was to use the wolf head stickers from the Silent Strike set.

I found from the RayD workshop a set of Wolfpack decals - these decals are for cellphone cover use, but they were just the right size for the Skystriker tailfins and cockpit. I then purchased the Robotech VF-1J stickers for the Skystriker from Cobrastickers, and modified them by removing the Robotech logos.

I then applied the stickers first, and added the RayD decals, before panel lining and weathering the Skystriker for the Wolfpack homage, which I thought came out very tidily.

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