Tootsietoys Lamborghini Countach, Gay Toys Jeep, Amloid Volkswagen Beetle, panel lined black and gray, black paint for Bumblebee, Cobrastickers Hound VAMP jeep stickers and Autobot insignia stickers

Final entry in my GI Joe/Transformers crossover vehicles - I got curious about other vintage plastic toys Gay Toys made after I finished the F-15 customs into the Decepticon jets.

I discovered they had made a GI Joe scaled Jeep, which I thought would make a nice little Hound. After that, I looked around for similarly sized cars. Sideswipe was my favorite Autobot growing up, so finding the very nice Tootsietoys Lamborghini was an easy Sideswipe homage. Bumblebee was the last addition to the team - an Amloid Power Beetle, the bottom chasis of which needed to be painted black and the wheels colored in silver.

These were very straightforward customs that primarily involved panel lining and applying stickers, so I thought I would make them all one entry. A great deal of fun for me personally, especially when put together with the Decepticon jets!

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