Playmates Veritech Fighter, black panel liner, Cobrastickers 50th Skystriker XP-21F Stealth Macross VF-1S custom stickers

I acquired a second vintage Playmates Veritech Fighter - it seems the Playmates version doesn't come with any stickers!

Rather than to go with the normal yellow/black Roy Fokker that this toy is associated with, I noticed Cobrastickers had created a Macross homage set of stickers for the 50th Anniversary Skystriker that are primarily blue, which put me in mind of another Robotech pilot, Max Sterling.

I thus acquired a set of the Cobrastickers and proceeded to trim them in a manner similar to my Jetfire crossover custom to fit the Veritech fighter for my Joes. Turned out quite nicely for a relatively quick evening of work!

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