dollar tree horse w/sculpted mane and hoof tufts
spawn violator cut into saddle
rubber fur saddle blanket
dollar tree Halloween skeleton rat skull
Halloween skulls strung on Barbie hair
rexlace bridal
steel chain

repainted schleigh Dalmatian
steel chain

I have been drawn to warhorse imagery for as long as I can remember. I blame Molly Hatchet. I hadn't planned on making very many fantasy based customs, but after seeing a warhorse on drbindy's workbench, I decided that I should make one for WarDuke.

In my Joeverse, multiple dimensions have collided including the Earth with the Joes and Cobra. At the edges of the wastelands, dark places with dark magic, beasts and monstrous beings roam.

Warhorse is the steed of WarDuke who is leader of a band of dragonhunters. His saddle is made from dragon skin and his helm is the skull of the first dragon WarDuke had slain. Hanging from his side are the skulls of dragonhunters who were killed on the hunt, as tribute and a reminder of the great danger they are to face.

WarDog is WarDuke's faithful companion and leads the hunt. he is without fear and only strays from the hunters when he is on the scent of a dragon.

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