American Plastic Toys stealth vehicle, 50th anniversary Silent Strike stickers, white permanent marker, Rubber Black Tamiya spray paint, Cobrastickers Grim Reapers custom labels

During the Christmas break, I stumbled across this American Plastic Toys stealth bomber by pure luck. The original stickers were not in good condition, but once removed and cleaned up, the bomber was actually in very nice condition.

I immediately wanted to make it a wing mate for my Grim Reapers SkySweeper, but I first had to paint the cockpit black so that it wasn't just a round orange canopy, but actually looked like the windows of a B-2 Spirit. It was a bit tricky, but I managed to mask it off and the paint came out better than expected! Finished it off with the set of custom Grim Reapers stickers from Cobra stickers as well as some of the 50th anniversary silent strike stickers.

"Following the development of the GI Joe Advanced Tactical Fighter program and the successful deployment of stealth technology in the GI Joe SkySweeper spy plane, the research was applied towards creating a strategic bomber capable of penetrating anti-aircraft defenses, deploying conventional and strategic mass destruction weapons. The result was the GI Joe Advanced Technology Bomber (ATB) - a single seat derivative of the USAF B2 Spirit.

The ATB is usually accompanied by GI Joe's other stealth attack aircraft, such as the SkySweepers, or the Advanced Tactical Fighters - the Stormeagles and Thunderwings."

'They're nicknamed the Grim Reapers for a reason - you won't see the ATB and the SkySweepers until they're right on top of you, and they're the last thing you'll see!'

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