GI Joe Thunderwing prototype, Matte Black and Smoky Tamiya spray paint, Gundam panel lining and weathering markers, Cobrastickers F-22 Skystriker stickers

I acquired a Thunderwing prototype many, many years ago at a decent price, but it wasn't until I started customising GI Joe jets that it occurred to me over the holidays it was time to pull the Thunderwing out of storage and see what I could do with it. I ended up deciding to customise it into a straightforward Skystriker homage - the Thunderwing has a camo deco, so it was nice to have this version without any of the camo markings. The nose and tailfins were painted black, and the clear canopy was painted with smoky paint for clear plastic. After that, I bought Cobrastickers' F-22 Skystriker custom set of stickers - the stickers are intended for another F-22, so they needed to be trimmed a bit, but look quite nice on the Thunderwing.

"Following the successful development of the Thunderwing via the GI Joe Advanced Tactical Fighters program, GI Joe went into mass production to replace its Skystriker fleet - with the ThunderStriker."

'Supercruise, supermaneuverability and stealth! To quote AC/DC - you've been ThunderStruck!'

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