All parts: Galoob A-Team Armored Car (modified)


Cobra was seriously under-equipped in 1982. While GI Joe had a tank, a jeep, a missile launcher, a heavy laser cannon, a light field cannon, a jet pack and a motorcycle armed with a Gatling gun, the bad guys had no vehicles or field equipment at all. The closest thing they had was a cardboard facade of a missile base, available only from Sears. In the comics they weren't so poorly off; in a panel in issue #1 we see the legions are equipped with jeeps, tanks and armored troop transports, among other things. So this custom represents what could have been released as a Cobra vehicle in 1982, a troop transport called the PEST (Patrol, Extraction, Squad Transport). The driver is not one of my customs - it's a Black Major Cobra trooper. The grey colour marks him as being part of the transport division to me, to match the grey Stinger officer. It's a figure that could have been released in that year, since it's just a recoloured Cobra.

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