For this I fit the seat/engine from Darklon's Evader into a G.I.Joe Skimobile with the Evader back wheel attached to the front. I fit the twin machine gun from a Mamba to the front with a bullet chain I made from toothpicks on a styrene strip. The two missiles are from a Cobra Jet Pack. I'm not sure what the guardrail came off of. The rest were spare model pieces and styrene with some apoxie sculpt to fill and smooth some transitions.

This is another example of what happens when Dreadnoks have extra time to salvage war-torn vehicles and parts and create something unnaturally intimidating. This is Buzzer's special project. With the help of some other 'Noks, Mr. Blinken devised his plan to turn a Polar Battle Bear Skimobile into a heavily armed street terrorizing half track. After adding a bigger engine, the RINO can keep pace with the Thunder Machine!

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