JoeCon Night Boomer. Cobrastickers Evaluators Squadron and Low Visibility Skystriker custom stickers, uni Posca silver pen, Tamiya 'smoky' spray

After my last custom that converted the Silent Strike Skystriker into a VX-4 Evaluators homage, there was a large number of unused stickers from the Cobrasticker set, due to the provision of options for both the VX-4 and the VX-9 Vampires squadron. I ended up acquiring a Joe Con Night Boomer, which was a bit pricey but still got it at good value, for the purposes of converting it into a VX-9 Vampires homage.

The canopy of the Night Boomer got a coat of Tamiya smoky spray, as a homage to the original Night Boomer canopy, which was significantly darker than the Skystriker. All the panels were lined in silver, similar to the Evaluators/Silent Strike custom, and as a final touch, the afterburners were mixed and matched with the Evaluators/Silent Strike custom to spread the red parts around more evenly. The VX-9 and low visibility stickers were then added to complete the jet!

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