Base body: RAM
Frame and fairing: pullback atv from 2DARK2C
Windscreen: Lego
Front leg fairing 1: Cobra Survellance Port
Front leg fairing 2: Power Rangers shield
Warp corp engine: 4 x lightsaber hilts and Lego tube
Thruster nozzles: Tamashi Nations
Front stabilizers and rear stabalizer: Star Wars build a thing

Financial News
Military Armorments Research Syndicate (NASDAQ: MARS) announced today they will be entering the International Jetbike Competition with the company sponsored Iron Griffin. CEO James McCullen Destro, the XXIV revealed the new state of the art vehicle as a concept showpiece for MARS' new foray into the civilian transportation and recreational vehicle market.
"The MARS Iron Griffin was designed with one word in mind: legacy. We aim for a new horizon, one in which we can make getting from here to there a little easier, a little safer, and I'm not going to lie, a lot more fun."

The patented Warp (tm) engine was originally developed as a competing booster engine design for the Tesla Space X program. Its secret power source appears to share some similarities to the Hammer Industries arc reactor. It has a shielded deflector that can convert to a radar. It also has an additional rear drone platform that can aide with additional areial visuals and independent global positioning mapping. Finally, the windscreen also acts as a HUD.

Originally the bike was going to be orange. But then I found some transparent red spray paint and decided to do the pilot in orange and the bike in red.

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