Base vehicle - Cobra Gunship
Wings - Night Raven (Rise of Cobra version)
Gun - Trubble Bubble

I don't work in modern-era figures, but that doesn't mean that modern vehicles aren't in play. Anything of the proper scales works for custom Joe vehicles. This is a customized Cobra Gunship. It never looked right without wings to me, so I added some wings, a gun on the top and did a bit of painting to complete the look. The wings from the Rise of Cobra Night Raven fit perfectly to the shape of the fuselage - the Gunship and the Night Raven have exactly the same curvature there. I also drilled out the exhaust ports so that they actually look like exhaust ports.

The name for the original is confusing. The original toy is called simply the Cobra Gunship. The Rise of Cobra Mission Dossier book refers to the vehicle on which it is based as the Razor. The Top Trumps card for the movie calls it a Typhoon instead. I didn't want to use Razor since the Joes have a vehicle called the Razor-Blade, but that led me to think of the Switchblade, Miles Mayhem's vehicle from the old MASK line, since the final product reminds me of that one. The pilot is called the Razor Viper to keep that connection with the original.

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