Freedom Force F-15 (made by Toy State), Silent Strike stickers, uni POSCA silver pen

Sadly been a while since I've had the time to customise something, but I've always liked the look of Toy State's all-black F-15. Finally found one on ebay and set about customising it into a homage of the Silent Strike Skystriker!

Started by panel-lining in silver, which really pops on the matte black plastic, and then added stickers from the Silent Strike Skystriker. A very nice and quick little project that came together in a single evening, was really nice to get back into some customising work!

"As development of fifth generation jet fighters such as the F-22 continued, stealth upgrades were proposed to the GI Joe F-15 derivative EagleStriker, including radar absorbent coating. The result: the Silent Strike Eagle!"

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