Upper Rotor Assembly - True Heroes Apache Longbow
All Other Parts - Retaliator

The Retaliator is a strange looking thing. But the biggest issue it has is not the downward configuration of the tail. I'm not sure there's any reason why that wouldn't work on a helicopter; take that for what it's worth from a guy with a degree in business rather than aerospace engineering. The biggest flaw with the Retaliator to my mind are the comically-small rotors. There's no way they'd be able to lift a vehicle of this size off the ground. So they had to do. I took the rotor assembly from a True Heroes Apache Longbow, and epoxied it to the lower half of the Retaliator rotor assembly.

This massive helicopter is a two-seater, so we need a two-man crew. Updraft is the pilot obviously, which means we need a co-pilot/gunner. Since the Battle Copters released in 1991 are more gimmicks than actual vehicles, I assigned Major Altitude to this role. Or rather, the G.I. Joe formerly known as Major Altitude. I call him Airlift, as I explained when I posted both him and Updraft earlier this year. I gave them both aircrew helmets from Marauder Inc. with the same markings to emphasize that they're a team.

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