JoeCon Vector X-36, Gi Joe Conquest X-30 canopy, nose cone and tail fins, Cobrastickers Starstriker and other leftover Skystriker custom stickers, black Pilot drawing pen, Tamiya pure white spray

I've done it before with the JoeCon Night Boomer and the prototype Thunderwing, but I try not to make it a habit of customising rare or exclusive items because it can be expensive. Nonetheless, seeing the white version of the X-30 Conquest reminded me of the all white Grumman X-29 experimental aircraft. Having obtained the X-36 Vector at a reasonable price, I then also got black versions of the nose cone and tail fins from the X-30. I also acquired one of the old cockpit canopies, spraying it partly in white so that it would resemble the canopy of the X-29. I then panel lined the jet and applied the Starstriker custom stickers, which I thought most closely resembled the X-29, using some older leftover stickers to fill in remaining white space. Overall, turned out to be a nice litte pre-Christmas project after not customising in a while!

"The forward-swept wing design of the X-30 Conquest allows for less drag, greater maneuverability and increased fuel efficiency. Although the forward-swept wings create an inherently aerodynamically unstable, recent developments in materials used for planes and computer flight control systems led to the design being revisited by GI Joe as the X-36 Starstriker for its most advanced fighting unit, the Star Brigade."

'A whole new meaning to the words "X-wing" fighter!'

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