Airframe, drop tanks - Conquest X-30
Engine exhaust, "Light Sparrow" missiles - Conquest X-30 (2003 version)
Sidewinder missiles - Dragonfly

The worst part about the Conquest X-30 are the yellow bits, obviously. That was the starting point for this custom, replacing the missiles and engine exhaust with parts from the 2003 version of the plane. Them some black paint followed to give it an overall darker look, which made it a night fighter to me. I replaced two of the missiles with Sidewinders from the Dragonfly, since no self-respecting 1980s fighter jet would be without them. The moniker XF-17N comes from my attempt to rationalize the number of GI Joe jets. The Conquest was called X-30 (almost certainly) because it's inspired by the Grumman X-29, an experimental plane with forward-swept wings. The designers just increased the number by one. But when an X-plane goes from being an experiment to actually entering service, it gets a new number based on the existing numbering system. Sometimes when there is a competition among two new fighters for a contract, they'll both get a YF designation. This is what led to the YF-17 Cobra, which lost to the F-16 Fighting Falcon but which was later developed into the F-18 Hornet. The difference was substantial enough that a new number was needed. But to me that leaves a gap in the numbering, and given the year that the Conquest was released, it would make sense that it could fill the F-17 slot. So that's why it's the XF-17N in my Joeverse (where th X refers to special operations rather than experimental). I realize that the term "night fighter" is outmoded now, but like the "P" in the Skystriker's number (which I interpret to refer to "pursuit", another old-fashioned term for a fighter), it just means the Joes use throwback terminology. The Conquest is therefore equipped with the most advanced radar and detection systems known to man, which explains why it has such a large nose as well.

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