Aircraft, AMRAAM missiles - True Heroes F-22 Raptor
HARM missiles - World Peacekeepers F/A-18 Hornet

As fighter technology advances, the GI Joe air wing has to keep pace. So when the USAF gets a shiny new air-superiority fighter like the F-22 Raptor, the Joes get their own version. A Joe-scale Raptor was released under the True Heroes name (as well as other brands as well, I assume), so it was a simple matter of doing a paint job and adding some decals. "Rapier" was one of the early names applied to the F-22 before "Raptor" was assigned, so that's the name used for this jet. But wait, you might say, don't the Joes already have an F-22 in the form of the Thunderwing Jet, released in 2004? But I have other plans for the Thunderwing, so that opened up an F-22-sized hole in the Joe fighter lineup in my Joeverse.

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