World Peacekeeper Abrams MBT with custom machine guns and Toyhax repro stickers.

I wanted a more modern MOBAT (Main Battle Tank - "mobat" is actually the phonetic pronunciation of MBT = "main battle tank"), so I decided to go with the M1 Abrams tank from World Peacekeepers.

I gave the toy a slight wash and overspray to dirty it up a bit. Next, I removed the undersized machine guns and replaced them with some better-looking weapons. The Browning .50 cal is a resin cast from Dameros Dojo which I glued to the toy's machine gun post/mount. The gunner/loader's machine gun comes from DTC Falcon and is glued to a custom mount from Dameros Dojo.

Finally, I applied repro MOBAT stickers from Toyhax. The blueprints are based upon the real-life Abrams MBT with some info borrowed from the MOBAT blueprints.

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