1:18 Die Cast Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Resin Cast War Machine mini-gun & grenade launcher
MTF Ammo Drum

Whereas I think Hasbro intended for the ARAH RAM to be kind of battlefield vehicle, I see the RAM more like an infiltration vehicle with some minor anti-personnel weaponry. Firefly's motorcycle from the Retaliation movie was a nice update for a RAM-type motorcycle.

I acquired these 1;18 Die Cast Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles in a part lot. I glued a resin cast War Machine mini-gun and grenade launcher from Vortious Customs. Then under the min-gun, I glued an MTF ammo drum. The grenade launcher doesn't actual pivot, but I imagine in real life you would either want the grenade launcher preset at a particular angle or to have a pivot controls.

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