Main body: RAM
Front stabalizer: Action Fleet Republic Cruiser with 2DARK2C metal cast ram skull
Front strut: Playground bolt
Rearview mirrors: American Chopper bike
Side engines: RAM cannons with Zoids connectors
Main rear thrusters: Action Fleet Republic Cruiser
Auxillary Engine: Microman weapon
Auxillary Booster: radio knob

I got the ram skull cast from 2DARK2C and was brainstorming what I could do with it. Since I wanted to do one more RAMJet SuperMotoEnduro entry it came done to how to include it. Who would use a ram skull as a hood onrament or weapon? Skeletor? Something Egyptian? I had that BossFight kit. But a flying jetbike didn't quite sound like acient Egypt. Unless- SPHINX.

I love Venture Bros and have made a few customs from the show. The ooppertunity to add to the roster made perfect sense to me. Plus the brown and gold color scheme would really pop on the RAM jetbike, now called the RahJet.

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