Power Rangers Turbo Artillatron

The GI Joe Ironclad LCAT is an articulated heavily armored transport designed to carry GI Joe infantry forces deep behind enemy lines. Splits into three separate vehilces: The forward cab is the tractor, the middle section becomes a front line command post, and the rear section carries small vehicles or a full infantry squad. there are two gunner stations as well on the rear trailer.
While it lacks the armaments of most GI Joe vehicles, the LCAT makes up for that with its thick armor coating.
For easy storing the parts stack on top of one another.

My brother-in-law picked up this shell of an old Power Rangers vehicle at a garage sale and gave to me, I saw it as an opportunity to add a new transport vehicle to my 85-86 era Joe's, but find that it could easily fit with any assortment. The only real modification was adding the drivers seat that had been sitting in the parts bin forever. The working name was Ground Pounder until I realized I already had a vehicle with that name in my motor pool.

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