JJRC Q64 Radiocontrolled man kat truck base, Playmobil parts, styrene, WPK armored car cannon.

After society had fallen & the world was meerly just a shell of its former self. Humanity as a whole was now an endangered species & if left unchecked would be soon extinct. The remaining humans not affected by the compound z infestation were forced to retrofit anything they could in order to survive the wastelands filled with the undead. A team of 6 survivors grouped together to form a small posse in which they would search the country for more survivors. Their mode of transport was a ex military German Man Kat 1 transport truck. Outfitted with armor plating & a front zombie catcher, this truck could mow down the horde without flinching. When the odds became too great a 90mm auto-cannon would take over the duties to provide safety. A twin barrel harpoon launcher with incendiary heads would easily cook up a few stragglers that might get too close.

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