Funskool Skystriker, Cobrastickers custom Action Force and Starstriker labels, panel lining pen, Tamiya clear blue paint

I'd customised several of the 30th Anniversary Skystrikers but my childhood dream was always to own one of the now vintage ones. I did some further research and learnt that the Funskool version was darker and would probably not look as out of place as a vintage Skystriker would in my collection.

Once I found a Funskool Skystriker at a suitable price, the question was what to do with it? I had some leftover stickers from a Cobrastickers Starstriker set, which because the starting point of this custom. From there, I thought it would be fun to go with a slight variant on the classic Skystriker colors by going with an Action Force theme. I also lightly painted the canopy with a clear blue spray, giving it a slightly animated look.

The result I felt was very classic looking Skystriker, but one that isn't overwhelmingly a flying flag.

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