Soldier Force/Excite Toys US Navy jet, clear plastic folder, super glue, Tamiya smoky and light gray paint, leftover Cobrastickers labels for Skystriker

Another in my series of small toy jets, I got a hold of this swing wing jet shortly before Lanard rolled out the HarrierHawk. Unfortunately, it always looked a bit odd with my other toy jets, primarily because the cockpit was covered with the frame of a canopy but no clear plastic in between. I ultimately cut up pieces from a clear plastic folder, superglued them in place, and once it had dried sufficiently, painted it all with Tamiya's smoky paint. The outcome actually worked quite well!

I then took the jet itself apart, and painted all the pieces light gray to match up with the rest of the smaller aircraft in my little group of light aircraft.

I decided to name it the Intruder II after the now retired A-6 Intruder, whose large nose and bulbous canopy this reminded me of.

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