True Heroes jet, permanent black marker, panel lining pen, leftover Skystriker labels

After acquiring the Lanard HarrierHawks, this little jet came to light in the True Heroes line that used to be exclusive to Toys R Us. I'd previously seen it in black as part of the Just Kidz line, and had assumed it was the same mold as the one Lanard used. Turns out it was a different mold with slightly more detail. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up in the True Heroes line several months later in a light gray that also put me in mind of the Skystriker.

In real life, Textron Airland are developing the Scorpion, a light attack aircraft whose angled tailfins reminded me of this toy and the Lanard HarrierHawk.

I didn't do too much to it, but adding the labels certainly helps its 'GI Joe-ness'. It joins my light combat aircraft division as a variant of the LightStriker - the LightStriker A.

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