Desert Fox 6WD, Low Light Knock Off Lenard Backpacks, and Gun from HQ or Check Point (not sure), 2 screws to fix a broken steering arm for front wheels. Flat Black Krylon.

This is the tried and true ground pounding vehicle for my Night Force team. This thing has been to heck and back, and will not give up. This version has been customized by the Night Force team to be a better assault team carrier, and perform better in low light conditions. The missile launcher control station has been modified to be a radio man spot, the missile hard points have been removed and have been modified to be backpack and gear holders, the headlights and other lights have been replaced with higher power beam/color adjustable LED's, there is also a thermal imaging camera mounted in the hood area to pick up baddies hiding at night, and finally the traditional engine has been replaced with a large capacity battery pack thanks to Tesla, so she is quiet and sneaky like the fox she is named for.

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