Captain America Goliath Vehicle, gloss black Krylon paint, and silver paint pen.

The Cobra Roach is probably one of the most appropriately named vehicles in their arsenal. This vehicle is fast, destructive, and a total pest and headache to the Joes. When these roll into battle they are hard extremely hard to kill and nearly impossible to get rid of.

The Roach is a fast and nimble armored vehicle that is primarily used in urban settings. It features a large belt fed Gatlin style gun one one side and a self loading tank cannon that shoots armor piercing or anti-personnel shells on the other side. The guns can also be rotated 360 degrees and raised or lowered for targeting, transportation, or squeezing into tight spaces. The gunner has primary control over both weapons which can be hard linked into the standard Viper helmet and are controlled using PIP on a HUD that gives the gunner total surround visibility. The fire control of the Gatlin gun can also be taken over by the driver if the situation arises.

The six wheel configuration is set up so that power is automatically transferred to each wheel so it can stop and spin on a dime or make nearly 90 degree turns in an instant. It drives more like a really fast tank than anything else. It is just large enough for the 2 crew members and their gear, but a third can be squeezed in if needed. These vehicles are also nearly silent because they run on 3 electric motors stolen from Tesla facilities.

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