HISS V Crimson version, AT-AT side guns, gloss black Krylon paint

The new Cobra HISS is impressive to say the least. Gone are the dangerous glass canopies, and week armor. Kept was the ingenious tread design, height adjustable weapons platform, and added was a completely armored canopy and gunner's position. Now Cobra had a great tank! When the Crimson Guard tested the prototype versions, they were split on which weapons configuration they preferred.

This version features two top mounted weapons that combine a belt fed mini-gun and selectable projectile launcher as well as the chin gun. The weapons are controlled by eye movement scanners in the driver's helmet that make the chin gun track as he scans his HUD (Heads Up Display) to acquire targets while driving. He also still has stick firing control of the fixed chin gun. With the driver taking care of short distance front targets, the gunner is free to spend his time acquiring targets for the 2 top mounted weapons. He has a special VR system in the gunners pod that gives him a 360 view to help select targets and keep the 6 clear.

The projectile launchers have a selectable magazine assortment of projectiles 2 of each of the following for a total of 10 projectiles for each gun. They are an incindiary bunker buster, flechette canister for anti-personnel, rocket assisted for low flying aircraft, chemical agent canister, and traditional anti-armor shell.

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