1982 MOBAT, gloss black Krylon paint, gloss cherry pepper Krylon paint, silver paint pen, Walmart exclusive HEETSEEK missile system, Cobra flag from 12" Cobra

The Sears exclusive Crimson Attack Tank and SMS are a couple of those Holy Grail pieces many Joe collectors will never own. I was one of those until I recently created my own. I was able to buy one of the Target 25th red HISS tanks and the Walmart exlusive HEETSEEK system while they were on the store shelves. That satisfied my want for the SMS. I waited on a true CAT reissue and owned a CAT II, but I still was not satisfied until now.

This project started when I was able to buy a few non-working MOBAT's on eBay. Now I had the opportunity and means to make my own CAT. It was a fairly simple job since I was not worried about damaging a working motor. Disassemble, clean, paint, reassemble. Viola! Custom Crimson Attack Tank. I paired mine with the HEETSEEK and a flag for the CG parade tank.

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