HISS V Crimson, 2 sets of guns and launchers from standard brown version, gloss black Krylon paint, stickers from brown version.

The new Cobra HISS is impressive to say the least. Gone are the dangerous glass canopies, and week armor. Kept was the ingenious tread design, height adjustable weapons platform, and added was a completely armored canopy and gunner's position. Now Cobra had a great tank! But, when the newest version was given to the troops of Cobra's 788th "Blue" Division, they immediately saw the customizable weapons positions and got to work on a hunter killer specially suited for their front lines missions. Thus the HISS V - H.A.C.K. ( Heavy Assault Configured Killer ) was born. The Crimson Shadow Guard has modified the H.A.C.K. even further and they call these their Black Magic HISS!

This upgraded HISS features 2 linked firing guns on the top platform. Now controlled by eye movement scanners in the driver's helmet that make the gun track as he scans his HUD (Heads Up Display) to acquire targets while driving. He also still has stick firing control of the fixed chin gun. With the driver controlling the machine guns, the gunner is now free to spend his time acquiring targets for the 2 side mounted projectile launchers.

These each have a selectable magazine assortment of projectiles 2 of each of the following for a total of 10 projectiles for each gun. They are an incindiary bunker buster, flechette canister for anti-personnel, rocket assisted for low flying aircraft, chemical agent canister, and traditional anti-armor shell. The gunner has also has a rear camera scanning and giving him PIP (Picture In Picture) on his HUD to make sure their six is covered by his new fixed tail gun. Lastly, the beautiful gloss black paint job conceals radar and heat signature dampening armour and coating in the "paint"

With MARS technicians assisting in the final upgrades, the darkest most sinister Cobra Shadow Guards now have a truly awesome weapon at their disposal. COBRAAAAA!

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