BBI Elite Forces Up Armored Humvee, plastic from the box it came in, Chap Mei jerry cans, and VAMP reissue stickers (danger at the docks version).
I love these vehicles, but hate that they have no windows. I took the plastic from the box and cut it to fit. Then I adhered with Super glue. I also attached the 2 jerry cans to make water cans, and added the VAMP stickers that look like the old V2 for the desert look.

The H.A.U.C. (Pronounced HAWK) is the Joe's primary field command vehicle. It is based on the standard military Up Armored Humvee, but with some special Joe modifications. It is not as fast or lethal as a VAMP, but offers better flexibility, capacity, and survivability. These are the eyes and ears for the Joe's in the battlefield. They communicate with satellite and recon teams so they know where the snakes are hiding. The HAUC also acts as a small team vehicle with capacity for 5, it's new whisper quiet electric motor and, radar and heat signature dampening equipment it is nearly invisible. Yo Joe!

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