The Corps! ATK vehicle. The stock weapons have been removed. A .50 cal machine gun was added as the primary weapon. The interior was upgraded to include door panels from a 1/18 donor car, a headliner made from shelf liner, stowage pack, first aid pack and dual assault rifle attachments with AK-47's. The rear hold two spare tires and two fuel drums. The tires are from ATK vehicles. There is an added armor/toolbox panel added to the tail gate which was a door panel from a smaller scaled armored vehicle from the fodder bin. A windshield and windows were custom cut and installed. The entire vehicle was painted and weathered, inside and out.

This LRRP vehicle carries a small group of Cobra soldiers deep behind enemy lines. They can carry enough fuel and equipment to sustain them for extended operations. This is a popular vehicle choice for Range-Vipers and sabotage crews. The vehicle is equipped with a variety of electronic sensors and communication devices to ensure that the occupants are connected to the larger battle environment.

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