The Cobra Fury was released in the second wave of Bravo Vehicles for the Pursuit of Cobra toy line in 2010. It included the driver, Alley-Viper Officer. (

The main cannon is the turret gun from a small scale Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The rest of the vehicle is stock with no modifications or additions. It has been fully painted and weathered.

The Cobra Fury is specialized for Urban combat superiority. It is low slung and quiet for sneaky advance and withdrawal. The main cannon elevates to fire while keeping the main body behind cover. The front ram and mini-gun make short work of any obstacles. Mines and missiles round out the armaments, while a few troops can ride along using a rail and step in the back. Be sure to take cover before firing any missiles!. Alley Vipers use the Fury to infiltrate a neighborhood using it's low profile to stay hidden.

The paint scheme is inspired by the paint scheme used by Allied armored forces in Berlin during the Cold War. The scheme was blocky and seemingly random. The Allies would repaint the tanks in different patterns and markings in order to confuse Warsaw Pact observers into thinking the Allies had more tanks stationed in Berlin than they actually did.

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