Repainted Retaliation Hiss
Cobra Ferret engine cover.

The mold for these tanks isn't bad at all, and the different colors of the releases kept it interesting to a point.

I happened to score on of the blue ones on clearance when it was still at retail, and it sat in a corner boxed up. I'd do something with it eventually.

The idea to finally paint it happened when I tried a techno viper head on the drivers body, and thought it would make for an interesting take on Rip It, the names Cobra Hiss driver from the 2000 releases. I had to give him a ride, so I started dry brushing the tank to make the color pop a bit. I wasn't a fan of the spring loaded missile, so I dug around in a parts bin trying to find a tip for the barrel, when I found the engine cover for a ferret. It looked futuristic enough that a sanded down the barrel and glued it on to complete the look.

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