Horse "ZONTA" - dollar tree horse w/full paint .
custom feathers- paper tape
custom made tack -wire, fabric, rubber detail, and fodder bits.
w/Custom Quiver -heatshrink, wire
Medicine- bag fodder

ZONTA is a Native-American Sioux peoples, word meaning honest and trustworthy.

This is the war pony of the 1/2 indian cast out destined to be a great warrior. The very first to be called "snake eyes".

I took this project very seriously and I tried to make everything as authentic as possible, but still tie in to my fiction. The red, white, and blue deco isn't just a nod to gi joe, but also the young warriors roots. His father chief "red" rock, mother "white" flower, and his given name "sky" eyes.

The circled eye represents strong sight on the battlefield. The thunderbird facing rearward to watch his back, and the falling star bringing power from the big sky. I was also thinking a lot of a JC member we lost this year. How he influenced my whole verse with his unique perspectives. So I placed his initials on this war pony for strength and tribute.

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