Gi joe APC
Detonator bumpers
Whirl wind cannon
wolverine missile launcher
Police car sirens
Random Fodder

The Dreadnoks, the much loved wild and crazy biker gang. I wanted the Wildebeest to be completely over the top wild, just load and in your face, I decided to take a APC and make it look kind of like a post apocalyptic fire truck troop carrier. I gave it a full armoured top to support the huge over sized cannon. Then I added police sirens as I liked the blue lights over red or red and blue. I also build an opening hatch for the back. I added railings and horns and top flood lights like a Fire Truck. I added side railings and a spare tire up top. I did a washed out faded rusty red over black. I heated up a center punch and used it punch in bullet holes. I think the Wildebeest lives up to its name.

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