Vehicle - incomplete U.S. Army Urban Tank Goodwill find
Windows - storage container dividers
Radar dish - deodorant covers, ballpoint pen sleeve, hardware
Rear compartment - various cardboard, images, tape, etc.

This is a bit of a lazy one, but it has been years since I did a custom so I thought I would share regardless. I found the body of the vehicle at Goodwill and really liked it. Some parts were missing or broken but the main parts were there. It is weird but I have wanted to use the part that comes on a deodorant stick as a communication dish for a while now, so when I saw the high rear portion with the police lights I thought it was a good opportunity. I removed the electronics, sawed out the area underneath to make room for a figure seating area, and used the battery cover as an access hatch for a radar operator station. I still have to fab up a cover for the turret but the rest turned out OK. I added a few pieces of plastic as windows. I originally was going to call this a Forward Amphibious Communications Unit but I figured FAC-U could be misinterpreted. I also considered Forward Amphibious Radar Transport, but dropped that was well for obvious reasons.

M.A.R.V. Mobile Amphibious Radar Vehicle

The Joe team needed a way to counteract low flying Cobra strikes that stayed below traditional radar range. They determined that they needed to be able to establish a ground based radar station quickly, and developed MARV. The vehicle's six wheel drive and high ground clearance can traverse rough terrain while having amphibious capabilities for crossing waterways. Manned with a crew of four, the MARV and its crew can be air dropped near the hot zone where it can quickly maneuver to monitor air traffic.

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