All parts are 3D printed other than the windows which are 3mm laser cut acrylic lexan.

This vehicle has been nicknamed the Viper Pit by the Joes because they know when they see this vehicle that they are going to be swarmed by Special Ops Vipers.
The Stinger RD's special weapon is the ability to drop its doors within a second or release, these doors are bullet proof and extremely heavy and any person finding themselves under the door would be crushed. When the doors are open 8 fully armed Vipers are able to rush down the stairs and into battle before anybody knows what has happened.

There is a lot to share about this vehicle so get ready. The cab area is a modified Stinger body, chopped at the back and widened. The box area fits 8 figures plus one on the turret. It's tight in there but I managed to fit a basket on the bottom of the turret that rotates and still doesn't hit anyone in the head. The turret gun is a Browning .50 which was designed by Mark Gerwig. The bottom of the chassis of the truck is designed with a v-shaped hull so the it is mine resistant. If you look closely you will see that all 7 tires are made by Arbco Tires. The windows are supposed to mimic bullet proof glass. They are laser cut 3mm clear acrylic. The main drop doors are hinged on a 2mm brass rod and are latched into place with an other piece of brass rod in one of the fuel cans on each side (only two of the fuel cans are removable). The Vipers are able to see from the inside through the stair treads and they can even shoot through the removable gun ports. Lastly I made gun racks and backpack racks to hold the Viper's equipment.
The entire project was printed with an FDM printer and grey PLA plastic. It was then painted with various blacks and greys. The only piece not printed with an FDM printer is the gun which was printed in resin.

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