Sea Ray Body
Rattler rear
Maggot Gun
Lego pieces
Misc Parts

This is a custom I had planned to build for awhile now. I finally managed to get all the pieces together and actually build it. I had to build a support that fit inside the tail part and connected to the Sea Ray body. I then used styrene to reinforce the connection from the outside, and also reshaped the area where I had removed the big rear engine. I also removed four of the missile pegs that I thought didn't suit the design. The maggot gun fit perfectly on the front and can pivot left and right. I used two nuts and bolts which I glued to under the cockpit area to help it balance and sit properly. That area was covered with styrene and then I built a rolling landing gear. To me Iron Grenadiers has to be black so I went with a nice semi gloss black with gold and red glass.

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