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1988 Crusader Shuttle

Here is a project that I've been meaning to start for about a year. I have 3 Crusader shuttles that I picked up in various lots on eBay over the past year. One is in mint shape that I've kept for myself (I bought it MIB), the other two
are in less than stellar shape, no pun intended. Anyway, I figured Cobra needed something more than just the Stellar Stilettos, which are cool in thier own right, and the ultra dumb Cobra Invaders as thier space arsenal. So, behold the Cobra Shark,
aptly named after the shuttle in the Marvel series.

Any modern military force needs a presence in space in one form or another, primarily in an observation sense at the less. Cobra spies made a direct copy of the Defiant shuttle from stolen plans taken from NASA. Dubbed the Cobra Shark,
this shuttle is made for simple purposes: the launching, maintenance and retrieval of Cobra spy satellites and wireless network satellites. Since encounters with Joe spacecraft is uncommon, The Shark is lightly armed with two machine guns under the nose
of the ship. If resistance to a mission is foreseen, two to four Stellar Stilettoes will act as gunships to escort The Shark to it's mission. The Shark is made with no comfort emenitites onboard. It launches into orbit, completes it's mission with 24 hours and returns to
Cobra Island. Typical crew is 2 Astro Viper crewman, and 1 Star Viper commander.

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