Chassis: Clean Sweep's robot
Guns/Missile Turret: Dollar Store military assault vehicles
Front "lens": Chap Mei rescue figure flashlight

F.A.D. (Forward Assault Drone)

Manufactured & Designed By: Military Armament & Research Systems
Target buyer: 3rd world countries, private security, mercenaries
Price: $50,000 w/o ordnance

360 degree swiveling optical/laser/heat seeking missile launcher, firing HE or AP rockets, in any combination
Electric dispenser for gas agents

Power systems: Hi-Power electric turbine engine with dual speed forward/single speed reverse transmission
Guidance: Sure-Way Optical Remote Guidance System, forward looking FLIR/Night Vision/Visual/Standard lighting lens system

Designed for those with a limited military budget, the FAD is a radio-controlled, heavily armed drone designed to crack open bunkers and other fortified locations and make hamburger out of those hiding inside.

The FAD comes equipped with a pair of fixed, forward firing 20mm auto-chainguns firing HE or HEAP rounds (500 rounds per gun) and a swiveling 360 degree turret equipped with 2 HE and 2 AP rockets, though the loadout can be changed. The rockets can be fired using optical, laser or heat seaking guidance. Additionally a canister and pump system mounted to the vehicle can pump a variety of lethal or non-lethal gas agents through nozzles mounted under the cannon barrels. Rockets are used to defeat external guns and gates/doors while he cannon and gas canister remove or incapcitate the occupants.

Mounted to the front of the vehicle is the lens unit, containing the optical lens for guidance, as well as sensors for night vision/infrared.

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