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Main Chassis: Lanard All-Terrain Crane
Rollcage: RC Jeep
Recoilless Rifle: Star Wars Saga Collection Snowtrooper E-Web Repeating Blaster
Heavy Machine Gun: Stalker V2
Miscellaneous: Chap-Mei Dune Buggy seat and netting.
Notes: This custom vehicle is what I had originally wanted for the Oktober Guard to use as their fast attack vehicle. As I was designing this vehicle I only new two things; I wanted it to be amphibious, and a six wheeler. The decision later came to have this vehicle have two different weapons systems. I wanted it to have a weapon large enough to take out a tank, but also have anti-personnel capabilities. That is how I ended up with the heavy machine gun and the recoilless rifle. With the two different weapon systems I had to design a way so that both could be carried and switched out as demand changed. I also wanted it to have unique Soviet colors. I went with the sage, brown, black and gray color scheme. This was a labor of love that has been in the making for over three-months, unfortunately I only have a very, very limited amount of time to customize. Oh well, such is life. I think the end result is worth the wait and frustration.

The AT-UAZx (Gator) is a new experimental Tactical 6X6 All-Terrain Vehicle being tested by the Oktober Guard before it is distributed to the rest of the Soviet Army Special Forces Groups. The AT-UAZx was chosen because of its multi-purpose and amphibious capabilities. The Gator has the new tire self inflation system that allows the operator to decrease and increase the tire pressure to accomodate terrain differences. The At-UAZx is designed for airborne operations and is droppable from a variety of aircraft to include the Hind-XR4z.

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