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Barrel made from PVC pipe
PTE accessories

The2S11 203-mm Self-Propelled Gun is mounted on the versatile MT-LB chassis and features a fully enclosed forward crew compartment that accommodates the commander, driver and two other crew members. Standard equipment includes an overpressure NBC protection system and night vision equipment.
The 203-mm gun is mounted at the rear of the hull. One piston of the recoil brake and recuperator is located on the gun with the other two pistons beneath, limiting recoil to a maximum of 1400-mm. The 203-mm gun is held in position when traveling by a manually operated lock on top of the cab. The 203-mm rifled gun, designated the 2A44, is fitted with a screw type breech block fitted with a large power-assisted loader. The 2S7 ammunition-handling system enables a rate of fire of 2 rds/min to be achieved.
Ammunition is of the separate loading type, with a total of four projectiles and charges being carried for immediate use. The remainder of the ammunition load is carried by another vehicle, usually a truck. The standard HE round, designated the ZOF 43, weighs 43 kg with a maximum muzzle velocity of 960 m/s and a maximum range of 37.5 km. In addition to the HE projectile other types of projectile can reportedly be fired including concrete-piercing, tactical nuclear and chemical.

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