A Corps! field transport painted blue. I used some of the stickers from the truck (the numbers) and hodge-podged some Cobra sigils on it. The pintle mount is a plastic coat hanger, and the .50 cal is from a Soldier Force vehicle.

Viper Transport: Really nothing more than a high end technical, the V-transport is a full-size pickup truck with an automatic weapon hard mounted in the back. The make and model are not standardized, but rather dictated by local availability. The one thing that the head snake does insist on is it be painted cobra blue and mount a crew served weapon.

It is pretty cost effective. A HISS II costs in the millions, even a Stinger or Rattler 4WD costs over $100k. Add in transportation from the manufacturing plant (usually on Cobra Island), bribes for customs and import officials, other palm grease as necessary, and getting a personnel transport to a squad of local yokels can get quite expensive. It is the same reasoning as why the local troops are outfitted in basic blue uniforms of local manufacture instead of the composite viper armor with integrated electronics and commo. A truck can cost $20-$30k, a paint job another grand, and a crew served weapon maybe $5k-10k. So you can afford 3 or 4 V-transports for the equivalent of one Stinger jeep delivered from Cobra Island, or better yet, 20 V-transports for the price of one HISS II

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