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The Scimitar CVR(T) Recce tank is made up from:
Hull (Under) & tracks are from a Wolverine.

The new visable Hull is Plasticard (Evergreen) constructed over the Wolverine hull. With a new drivers hatch on the other side.
The Turret is scratch built.

All hatches work, turret rotates & barrel & barrel housing have +/- elevation.

This model is currently undergoing a 1/18th Accurate scaling. So I wanted to show it off as it was first shown.

The Scimitar Recce tank is a member of the Scorpion CVR(T) family. CVR(T) stands for Combat Vehicle Reconaisance (Tracked) by the way.

The family consists of Scorpion, Scimitar, Sabre (all turret varients), Samson (engineers), Samaritian (Ambulance), Striker (Missile platform), Spartan (Troop carrier).

The Scimitar has a 3 man crew which consists of: Gunner-Radio, Driver & Commander.

The Scimitar is still in service & will no doubt be so for the foreseeable future.

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