Whole Vehicle: Junked up BUGG

Scrap Plastic sheet for rear hatch.

Not a whole lot to say about this BUGG. I bought it used from batdan because I needed a couple parts from it to complete my BUGG. After stripping what I needed I knew nobody would want a junked BUGG with most of the good parts stripped. I decided to paint it up and try and get my cash back out of it.

I started with an experiment using hot melt glue to mask off parts of the vehicle. I then started trying to paint it in a grey/white/black urban camo but that was totally not working. I just went off and colored the whole thing black and then went with a yellow stripe. After seeing how cool the yellow and black looked, and realizing how similar it was to the original Secto Viper I painted up a Secto Viper to go with this BUGG.

I'm really happy with how the masking worked and will be sure to try it again. I hope Scramble will be happy with it up in our Great Northern Neighbor.

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