Dollar General knockoff plane and lots of plastic carved and cut to shape.

The G.I.Joe B7-02 is a new breed of stealth fighter. It combines all the latest technology to create the ultimate spy plane against Cobra. This is no regular spy plane that has to have escort, with its 20mm gun station in the front and twin "shovel" missiles, it can defend itself against moderate attacks. When G.I.Joe needs to know what Cobra is up to NOW, they call on the B7-02 Stealth.


This plane started out from reports of it at Dollar General on the JoeCustoms board. After seeing a few images of it, it looked like a cool plane to add to the G.I.Joe air force. Plus other were interested but not really sure if it was worth the effort due to the hollow bottom, so that made it even more worth fixing this thing up.

It has added plastic sheets cut and fitted into the hollow areas along with various decorative pieces sculpted from plastic to tie the look all together. Back landing gears had to be made since what the plane came with wouldn't work. Missile doors and missiles were just put in for extra fun. Other added parts include the guns on the front, redoing the battery compartment to look like a removable panel, the top back piece being made into a hatch with engine detail inside, the engine exhaust reshaped, a ridge down the center of the canopy, and landing gear doors over each landing gear.

Overall it came out pretty well. There's a few things that would have been nice to have done different, but that's where other customizers come in! If you find this plane, it is well worth the time to fix it up and give G.I.Joe or even Cobra a new stealth plane!

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