PTE Dune Buggy
BBI XM320 Grendade Launcher
Marauder John Inc. M60E3

Pin Vise and Dremel.

Basically wanted to get rid of that out of scale PTE grenade launcher, with something more in tune.

The DPV Mk II was designed in response to perceived shortcomings in the A.W.E. Striker and was envisioned as being a more flexible replacement for it.
The A.W.E. Strikers lack of firepower (10 rounds 70mm ammo) and limitation to a two man crew was deemed insufficient and is not adequate for the long range lighting strikes required in anti-terror campaigns in today's battlefield. The A.W.E. Striker was designed during the Cold War to fulfill the harassment and interdiction role against Soviet Armored formations. Using its anti-armor cannon it was envisioned as slowing down a Soviet armored advance until more powerful NATO units could arrive.

The DPV MK II is also serving as the test bed for the future ALSV (Advanced Light Strike Vehicle) using new thermal, laser, and infra-red optics as well as new variable detonation munitions.

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