Description: Oktober Guard Fast Attack Watercraft
Motivation: Wanted to have the Oktober Guard
Based on: My imagination.
Parts Used:
Main Frame: Shark 9000
Main Gun: Transportable Tactical Battle Platform
2 Small MG's: Artic Blast
Kayak: Stalker version 2
Antenna, Spotlight: Unknown
Mines & Torpedoes: Shark 9000
Notes: First off I had to change the hideous colors of the original Shark 9000, then I had to do away with that awful main weapon system that shot water. Then I removed the mine launcher, torpedo bay, and two small mg's and the missile launcher. After that it was just a matter of picking good colors that made sense for the military and painting and assembling the Blacksharc. The Decals were made from a HP printer.

Primary Operator: Manta
Qualified Assistant Operators: Stormavik, Misha, Dragonski, Shrage, and Horrorshow
Crew: 2 Range: 500 km Top Speed: 110km/h
Dual Synchronized DShK-EG Electronic Gatling Guns 12.7 mm
(2) Dual Synchronized PK 7.62mm Machine Guns
(4) Surface "Whirlpool" Mines
(2) "Mako" Torpedoes _________________________________________
The Blacksharc is a state of the art high-speed assault watercraft designed by the manufacturers of high-speed race-boats. Simply put this is an extremely fast and agile weapon specifically designed to hunt and kill Cobra's high-speed hydrofoil the Moray. The Blacksharc is used by the Oktober Guard as a hunter killer and as an insertion craft to launch small assaults. Col. Brekhov chose Manta as the operator for this craft because he remembered his skills as a small boat pilot in Vietnam.

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