Vehicle: G.I. Joe Avalanche
Cannon: B.A.T. APC
Misc parts & pieces

You can see I've totally removed the disc launcher and added in the cannon from a B.A.T. APC. The Gatling gun has had it's missile launcher taken off, mostly because I always thought it looked like an ad-hoc thrown on at the last moment. It ruins the vehicles lines as seen from the front, IMHO. I threw the top of the radar thingus the Clone Pilot came with just behind the driver's seat. I swapped out the two rubber bumpers up front with a spike bar from a Rumble Cars set; and added on the requisite Batfins to the rear.

I threw in some hatch covers for the access points in the jetpod's landing bay, just for kicks.

I added a pair of wings to the jetpod, and some engines for added speed. The engines are independantly swivelable, and the wings fold up for landing in the rear of the BatTank.

During his third year of operation as the Batman, he found a need for a heavier combat-capable version of his BatMobile. A vehicle made more for impact than for mobility and stealth.

Batman bought a preliminary prototype of the G.I. Joe Avalanche after seeing how well it held up in an action the Joe team had to take after Mr. Freeze took over a government Research Station in the Antarctic (Batman smuggled himself along in the Joe's C-130).

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