Entire Vehicle:
G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center

The G.I. Joe team has many heavy high-tech vehicles and equipment at their disposal with which they have constantly used in their war against Cobra, but Cobra has retaliated with many heavy vehicles of their own - and what better to retaliate with then by using one of G.I. Joe's own technological handiworks against them? Cobra agents, whose identities still remain a mystery, (It is believed that they were Crimson Guards working undercover.) has managed to obtain the secret blueprints of the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center - and used them to create their own vehicular fortress: the Cobra H.I.V.E.: Hazardous Immensity Vehicular Enforcer.

While identical in construction to the original M.C.C., Cobra has not only adapted their own programs to the on-board main computers, but they have also kept the top-secret equipment that would enable the Joe's to correspond to friendly resources via satellite-links and short-range transmissions, which makes it possible for Cobra to infiltrate and/or staging sabotage and give the Joe's the blame. Cobra's problem in this case is that the secret equipment is integrated with the M.C.C.-vehicles only and cannot be used otherwise - and Cobra has to travel with the H.I.V.E. into close range to the Joe's to use them. Otherwise the personnel of the Cobra H.I.V.E. just enjoys to drive around an inflict terror to the population. Since the rolling fortress is literally a mobile headquarters, the troopers it carries are always well fed and well rested and always fit for fight.

One would think that there shouldn't be any problem for the Joe's to immobilize the Cobra H.I.V.E. - since it's originally G.I. Joe equipment, they should know all the weak spots of the mobile fortress. The problem is: Cobra knows about them too. And the only vehicle capable of taking on a battle against the Cobra H.I.V.E. is the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center. The question is: who will be the winner at such even odds?

Personal comments:

I'm not the first one to have done this - someone else has presented his own repainted Cobra M.C.C. on this site about maybe two years ago. But while my predecessor had done his in black, I preferred to stick with the traditional Cobra blue. But mine was finished about that time as well; I just haven't got around to put it up until now.

While I don't like when Cobra vehicles are repainted and used by the Joe's, I have no problem with the other way around. The thoughts behind this one is that I find it typical that all heavy armored and awesome vehicles that Hasbro creates are always given to the heroes - I thought it was time to match the odds a bit.

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